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Risk Management

The services concern industrial, commercial, technical, tourism businesses and private property owners.

Inspection reports are edited, studies are being carried about Analysis and Risk Management, in collaboration with technical advisors and insurance businesses. Training on risk management, fire, theft, terrorism, earthquakes or other disasters is provided. In collaboration with the technical safety team of factory we prepare emergency plans, organize exercises with specific scenarios and evaluate the actions and response times.

Concerning the prevention of electromechanical installations losses, we use modern techniques based on infrared radiation applications. Taking advantage of technology development in preventing damage and minimize cost recovery and as part of our effort to provide high quality services, we have the necessary equipment –infrared camera with extremely high accuracy (0,01 °C). With thermography the thermal insulation of buildings can be checked with great precision. Also detection of leaks in hydraulic nets, check of the good-operation of electrical and mechanical equipment (electrical boards, cables, motors), of electronic equipment is carried out. The big advantage is that the checks are extremely accurate and do not require the shutdown of the checked equipment. From the side of the insurer as well as the user, thermography is an extremely useful tool in order to prevent losses, while in case of damage (e.g. leaking of hydraulic nets) helps in locating the leak and limits the restoration costs.