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Loss adjusting

An immediate autopsy and loss report is carried out by an expert of the personnel of our company, with the support of Engineers of relative specialty where appropriate, with strict technical criteria from our specialized collaborators of relative specialties (tax consulting, legal, economic advisors, geologists, art estimators, etc).

If required, the loss adjustment is reinforced by well known technical institutes and laboratories (material testing laboratories, workshops, electronics, chemistry, food quality control, etc.). The causes and circumstances of the loss are investigated and the policy terms are considered.

We offer consulting services during the implementation phase of works repairing the damages, aiming in the qualitative repair, the reduction of the cost and the time of re-construction, in the common interest of the parties involved and we supervise their implementation.

The survey report is supported, if necessary, to arbitration or court involvement, from our legal advisers.

These services are aimed to businesses of all fields and individuals.

All branches of insurance risks are covered. Examples of covered branches are :

General insurances

Fire, earthquake, flood, storm, theft, leakage of hydraulic nets, electrical failure – short circuits, etc., in cases of industrial, commercial businesses, residential – office buildings, or buildings of special use, etc.


Supervision and certification of loading / unloading procedure, appropriateness of transport means, package and shipping instructions checking, loss report on site, etc.

Technical insurances

Construction, erection policies (CAR, EAR), mechanical breakdown policies (MB), electronic equipment (EEI), etc.

Special insurances

General third party liability insurance (TPL), product liability, vehicle liability, loss of profits (LOP), deterioration of stock (DOS), personal accidents, personnel embezzlement, artistic events, agricultural activities, etc.