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Evaluation of Fixed Assets

The services concern businesses of all fields and individuals (private property owners of buildings, furniture, objects of art, antiques, etc.)

We edit values estimation reports regarding buildings – building blocks, machinery, electrical installations, electronic equipment, furniture – utensils, valuable items, other specialized equipment (medical equipment, power stations, broadcasting stations, etc.). We follow assessment methods based on international standards and where appropriate we adjust in the Greek reality.

The estimated values are carried out at a new basis (NEW FOR OLD), a second-hand values – current market values of the asset (OLD FOR OLD) taking into account the relevant factors in each case that affect the calculation. Especially for residential properties, commercial, industrial and tourist facilities can be further assessment of market value and construction cost.

Regarding private property, we estimate the value of property and items of their content. The value estimation of works of art, antiques, etc is done by specific partners with recognized expertise in these fields.